Samuel Lowther
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a bit about sam


The first time I received a roll of film was back when I was 16. I was given a disposable underwater camera and I swam out to try and photograph my brothers surfing. It wasn’t much of a success, but I knew there was one shot; one moment I had captured perfectly. When I got the prints back, I flicked through the photos until I found the shot. It was the only one out of 24 that was framed correctly and not heavily out of focus. It simply just worked. I was so proud of that photo.

I started shooting when I was young, growing up on the east coast of Australia. The luck of my locality and having a family who surfed was my introduction to photography. This developed into a passion for capturing moments, and as I traded Australian landscape for overseas countries, I became increasingly inspired by the new destinations I found to shoot.

I love that photography demands me to observe creatively, and allows me to connect with new people and places. It opens a window into people's lives; I see their passions, I live their moments, and I learn all the things that make them unique. Creating imagery that communicates this is what I am truly passionate about.

Anyway that's a bit about me, I want to hear from you. If you have a project in mind, a wedding or just some ideas circling in your head - get in touch!